Friday, April 11, 2014

#Wikidata and naval history

The answer of what a GLAM hopes to find in Wikidata can be surprising. "We have several paintings of the Raid on the Medway and, we would like to find data about that battle and be able to place our paintings as illustrations in the sequence of events".

One Dutch admiral, Michiel de Ruyter, has a painting hanging near paintings of the battle and, it would be great when he can be associated to these events as well.

When you have a look at the info-boxes of the battles that were fought as part of the second Anglo-Dutch war, you will find the commanders of the opposing sides. You will find that the treaty of Breda ended this war.

The question is very much how to include all these facts in Wikidata. When we do and when we include information on the many historic events that have an item, we become extremely valuable to our partners.

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