Friday, April 04, 2014

#Wikidata - Bartolomeo Pepe

Mr Pepe is the first Italian who has the OpenPolis property. #Reasonator shows a link to an external website where information about Italian politicians can be found. Mr Pepe is a member of the senate of the Republic.

The obvious thing to do is to link all existing articles of Italian politicians to OpenPolis. After that there are many "opportunities":

  • add an item in Wikidata for missing Italian politicians
  • add statements that complete the information about them
  • seek images to illustrate their articles and items
It will be fun to see what they will come up with when they have added all the missing information in Wikidata. Adding the OpenPolis property acknowledges that an item, an article is about an Italian politician, it is not providing information in a way that can be understood in languages other than Italian.

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