Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Compare the stats

Both Erik and Siebrand maintain statistics that provide information for the 50 most spoken languages in the world.

Erik associates these languages with Wikipedias and knows two Wikipedias for English.

Siebrand associates these languages with localisations and has two localisations for Chinese, Portuguese and others. His statistics are new and they make it possible to relate information about localisation to the numbers about the Wikipedias. One innovation is the weight given to the "MediaWiki most used" (40), the "MediaWiki" (30) and the "Extensions used by Wikimedia" 30. This gives a single value for the localisation.

There are several ways to unify this value when multiple localisations exist;
  • add them up and divide them by the number of localisations
  • weigh them by the number of people likely to use a particular localisation
  • weigh them by the number of people that have selected a localisation as a preference
  • I am sure someone will come up with another algorithm
Whatever method is chosen, the point is that it allows for the reduction of multiple value to a single value. This value can be added to Erik's stats and it may help understand how our projects are doing. With better understanding it becomes possible to improve our strategy and move forward.
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