Sunday, October 04, 2009

Southern Nan in the Hanji script

There is a request for a Wikipedia in the Southern Nan language written in the Hanji script. Given the policy of the language committee it is a straightforward issue; the request is to be rejected.

The rationale is that there should be one Wikipedia per language and, when multiple scripts are allowed, it is for the people of that language to accomodate this. This may create significant issues for the community but on the other hand, the Serbian Wikipedia and the Chinese Wikipedia have proven that this can work.

The requests mentions that the the lack of a standard character set complicating the writing in characters is being overcome by the development of a standard character set by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. The status of this development is not clear and it is equally unclear if this would be accepted in mainland China.

This request has added significance because it is the 26th language in the world by native speakers. As such the attention given to this language is significant.
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