Saturday, October 03, 2009

Localisations for 112 languages

The Usability Initiative has made big steps in improving the usability of MediaWiki. While this project is to make the English language Wikipedia more userfriendly, the software has the potential to benefit all our projects in all languages. In order to benefit it is really important to localise this software.

It is really helpful when these localisations are done now that the software is still being developed, this helps make it clear if issues with the software have to do with language or with the programming. As such it is really helpful that there are localisations for 112 languages already.

Naoko, the project manager of the Usability Initiative expressed her delight with so many languages doing this well as it makes a big difference for the adoption by users of all the new functionality. She was particularly happy to notice that Arabic was almost done. As Arabic is written from the right to the left it makes it easier to learn if there are issues with the software.

When there are problems with the new software, please fix the language issues at and report any other issues either in bugzilla or at this page at Meta.
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