Friday, October 16, 2009

Going to the library

When you tend to rely on the Internet to provide all the information that you require, you do not go to your local library. As I need to learn more about running projects, and as I find it comfortable to read "dead tree" copies of books, I find myself in the library of Almere reading "Agile project management" by Cary Chin.

The library has computers that may be used for the Internet and Wikipedia, my mail and Blogger are available to me. In order to secure the computers all kinds of functionality have been removed but it is a happy experience.

The librarians are a friendly lot; they helped me find my bearings, they saved the logo of the library for me ... on their website it looks a lot better :) The atmosphere is pleasant .. there is a friendly buzz of many people using the library services.

All in all, a happy experience ... Maybe it is time for you as well to get reacquainted with a library near you.
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