Friday, October 23, 2009

The power of openness

The United States government has a long standing tradition to make all the material that it creates either available in the public domain or it is considered a secret. As a consequence of a request to have some FEMA photos of the 9-11 disaster Multichil loaded all the FEMA photos to Commons, then for good measure he has progressed by starting to upload pictures from the US Navy.

Pictures like this F-A-18 Hornet that is readied to be catapulted in the air are awesome.

This is a great undertaking there are however a few questions;
  • We take the pictures without asking / informing and as a consequence we do not build a relation
  • These are pictures of the US armed forces.. we do want the pictures of all these other armies and navies as well ... 
Another picture that makes you drool..

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