Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An update for LocalisationUpdate

Don Alessandro, who localises MediaWiki into Crimean Tatar at found that the LocalisationExtension did not work for him. His localisations just did not go live on his Wikipedia.

This is weird, we first checked if the cron job was running, this turned out to be the case, Raymond_ checked if it worked for German it did. Don Alessandro provided us with good information that showed that it did not work for him.

Roan had a look at the software and he spotted that due to the fact that Crimean Tatar falls back to Russian, it decided not to do an update. Roan changed the software, tested it and, it is now waiting for a single localisation that will trigger the delivery of all the pending localisations.

Small changes like this happen all the time. All of them are relevant, some are seen by everyone, some like this one make a big difference for only some of our communities.. It is great to see that they get attention.
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