Monday, August 16, 2010

A big boost for the #MediaWiki localisation in #Farsi

There was a big boost at of the localisations of the extensions used by the Wikimedia projects. Several new people started localising and within a day it grew from 66% to 87%. This is quite impressive. Farsi will be the 20th language in the top 50 languages of the world to have virtually complete localisation in a Wikimedia context.

The reason; possibly the message came through that the language committee does not consider any request as long as the localisation is not complete. Whenever a request is considered, the first step is always the current state of the localisations.

With a bit of luck, the will be created at the same time as the That is, luck for our Iranian friends.

PS no pictures initially because Blogger is broken
PS on IRC  I learned about the png version that is used internally
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