Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wiki loves monuments

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The national monuments of the Netherlands represent the places where history was made, the buildings that represent an era that has gone by. They often define the character of a place an area.

Such monuments are rich in details, they are there to be discovered by the people who are willing to look at them and give them their attention. The Dutch Wikimedia chapter is organising a challenge to discover all the 60,000 monuments with a camera. We are looking for great illustrations that will help us bring these monuments to our Wikipedias.

To make it attractive, there is a competition with prizes to be won. This competition will run in the month of September and on the "Open monumentendag" (Saturday 11 and Sunday 12) many monuments will open their doors to the public.

We hope that the amount of high quality pictures will give us a hard time to decide what will be the winner of the competition. We love our monuments and the pictures that will become illustrations in Wikipedia will be true winners as well.
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