Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knight in the order of Oranje Nassau

I am happy to congratulate Leo Schenk, the director of the #Tropenmuseum, because it was her majesty's pleasure to elevate him to the knighthood in the order of Oranje Nassau.

Mr Schenk is also part of the management team of the Royal Institute for the Tropics, he is the primus inter pares of the directors of anthropological museums in the Netherlands.

We have reasons to be grateful to the Tropenmuseum and Mr Schenk; they were happy to share much of their Surinam and Indonesian collection. For us they were the first collections that were the shared cultural heritage of very distinct cultures. We were happy to have involvement in the Maroon exhibition, several images have been digitally restored and were featured.

All this fits with nicely with a Tropenmuseum that under the direction of Mr Schenk is a leading example of a GLAM that is and remains a vital and vibrant custodian of the worlds cultural heritage.
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