Monday, August 02, 2010

#iHRIS the next prospect for #translatewiki advertises the fact that we are interested in adding new projects to our list or projects. Every now and then a new application is added and iHRIS is quite special.

iHRIS is special because it brings medical human resources where they are needed. In many countries in Africa there is a lack of doctors, nurses and other medical specialists. Managing these resources optimally is what iHRIS is about.

As you can imagine software that manages human resources at a scale of a country is quite complex. This becomes even more clear when you learn that there are modules specific for countries like Uganda, Botswana, Kenya and Zanzibar.

iHRIS is deployed in many countries and the lack of internationalisation and localisation is increasingly felt as a reason that prevents iHRIS from progressing further. In order for the community of localisers at to do its thing, we need developers to help us improving the iHRIS internationalisation.

Adding Internationalisation to existing software is not easy, but this is the kind of Open Source software that truly makes a difference. The software is used and makes a difference, at we have a community that is known to make a difference. We are now wondering if you are the kind of person who can make this happen on a greater scale.
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