Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharing pictures

You go on a holiday, you take a camera and some you upload to #Commons. Well actually, the numbers say you share them on Flickr or Facebook. In a blog Facebook boasts "more than 3 billion photos are being uploaded every month". To appreciate those numbers, Commons has at this moment 7,256,633 freely usable media files or the number of pictures uploaded in its entire existence.

This is a crop from the only picture of the "la Tomatina" festival in Buñol, Spain. There are not that many pictures of Buñol either .. I am sure that many Wikimedians have been to all kinds of weird and wonderful places, festivals, occasions and went their with their camera. We need them more then Facebook because we actually use them, for instance as illustrations.

A bee sharing its meal
The good news is that the Commons usability improvements are something like a month away. This will make it easy to upload. But Facebook is correct when they separate the uploading from the sharing; "5 billion web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc are shared each week as of earlier this month".

Geograph picture of the day; Glandford Ford
We made our GLAM's happy when we shared with them how many of the material they shared with us are used and where. I would be happy to know how many of my Commons contributions are shared and where. I am sure that Geograph would be happy to see the material that we have included in their repository.

We could even start projecting points on a map for the pictures we have in that location. We could show that we "like" pictures. When we start to celebrate what we have, we have a party and I am sure that many more people will join the fun.
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