Thursday, January 09, 2014

Beyond extended #search

Forget #Wikipedia for a moment. #Wikidata does more; it supports #Commons, #Wikivoyage and it will support #Wikisource really soon now. Wikidata adds value particularly when it is used in the context of the Wikis that make use of it.

Many people consider that Wikidata is there to support their Wikipedia. It is equally true that Wikidata is able to support the Wikivoyages. As more projects are supported, the fallacy that Wikidata exist to support a specific wiki becomes even more obvious.

The Wikidata extension to search results reflects nicely the power of Wikidata. It helps with the disambiguation of the items, it indicates if there are Wikipedia and now Wikivoyage articles, you can be directed to Commons to find images and finally it shows what it has to offer by presenting information nicely in the Reasonator.

The news in this blog post is that Wikivoyage features among the results for each item. What is new to most people is that the Wikidata extension to search is not restricted to Wikipedia. It will work equally well on Commons and Wikivoyage .. Wikibooks and Wiktionary.

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