Friday, January 10, 2014

#Wikimedia #Multimedia Features/Vision 2016

Having a vision of what the future may have in store is wonderful. Watch the video and, you are bound to like what you see. What it describes are "user stories", stories that describe how people will actually use multimedia and what functionality they will have available to them.

The stories are to the point, they indicate functionality that will foster a sense of community. These stories do not represent the complete vision for Wikimedia Multimedia Features for 2016.
  • a Guarani class room where children use Commons pictures because they can be found in Guarani
  • an Indonesian GLAM conservator who uploads images with its meta data that is of interest to a Dutch audience
  • a blogger who uses freely licensed images because he can find them at Commons
The integration of Wikidata technology in Commons will make these three user stories a reality. The start of the software development is scheduled for the second half of 2014. The development of the data needed to support this project began a year ago with the start of Wikidata. All the statements and labels that are added will be leveraged when Commons becomes accessible to a world that does not understand English.
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