Saturday, January 11, 2014

#Wikidata - interest by companies

Wikidata is not #Wikipedia; it has its own policies and, many of them are evolving as the project matures. Wikidata is "not about facts at all, it is about what sources say".

At this time you are, like me, forgiven that this is not all too obvious. Not that many statements have sources associated with them. Most existing sources are references to Wikipedia even though Wikipedia proclaims that it is not a source.

In Wikidata we do know sources, many items have identifiers in multiple external sources. These are run by all kinds of organisations including companies and public organisations. Much of their reputation relies on the accuracy of the facts provided.

I received a request from India to help with a short presentation for entrepreneurs. The question is how they can use Wikidata both the data and the technology. For me the answer is simple; the data is freely licensed so they can use it as they see fit. I am an advocate of people improving the content of Wikidata on the subjects they care most about.

Wikipedia is different from Wikidata. Wikidata is interested in what sources have to say. When companies want to contribute and clearly identify themselves and provide quality statements with source information, they are more than welcome as far as I am concerned. When this is deemed to be not acceptable by the powers that be, companies, organisations can provide an identifier to their resource and, our discerning public can gain access to that part of the sum of all knowledge anyway.
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