Friday, January 31, 2014

#Wikidata - the day Pete Seeger was born

Recently Pete Seeger died. The day he was born is random enough to show you the latest improvement in #Reasonator. All kinds of persons and events are on display. Some do not have a label in Russian while others do not have a label in English. You may notice that the Paris Peace conference was under way..

You may even notice events, the death or birth of people that are missing. For these events, just add them in Wikidata and given the vagaries of replication, you may notice them a moment later. Technically, five queries are happening simultaneously. They may take some time when you experiment with longer periods. To do that you click on the calendar in the sidebar. To make the waiting time a bit more dynamic, a waiting bar has been added.

By showing you events that are deemed notable in any and all of our projects, Wikidata truly shares in the sum of all knowledge. Reasonator is happy to visualise the sum of all knowledge as we have it in Wikidata.

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