Thursday, January 23, 2014

#Pinocchio - a #Wikidata #books showcase

The Adventures of Pinocchio was identified as a great example of a book in Wikidata, Many great arguments were made why this particular work is such a great target:
  • it is a very well know story
  • it has been translated in many languages
  • entries for single characters are already available in Wikidata
  • scanned and proofread text is available in Wikisource, Commons, IA
  • it has inspired several derived works
When you search for "Pinocchio", you will find many references; to movies, species as well as the many translations and adaptations of the book by Mr Collodi. Many of them could do with some attention. When you zoom in on the character of the "Coach man", you will find a picture waiting to be moved to Commons.

What also could get some attention is the presentation of authors, books and even editions in the Reasonator itself. Not only is there the layout to be considered, there are also the inferences that can be made. For instance should the "derived works" even "derived characters" be shown..
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