Saturday, January 18, 2014

#Wikidata - Wendy Hall, a #computer #scientist

Mrs Hall is one of the people who provided a sound byte to a project run with / by the BBC. It is only fitting that her sound byte is available from the Reasonator as well.

Mrs Hall is quite the computer scientist; she has been awarded three honorary degrees by three universities. It is quite fitting that we honoured her achievements by making sure that they actually display in the Reasonator. She has also been awarded a "fellowship of the Royal Society".  All the fellows known to the English Wikipedia should now be known in Wikidata as well thanks to Widar.

These are technical improvements, but as important is the growing interest in adding labels to the items of Wikidata.. Just consider this; adding a label for "Fellow of the Royal Society" has an impact on 502 items. It will take you at most a minute of your time.
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