Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#Sex ratios in #Wikidata

When you consider sex ratios in Wikidata, it is good to appreciate that there is more than just male and female. It means that every human can be associated in one way or other that is appropriate. What is often forgotten is that for many of the humans in Wikidata there is no information about gender.

When Max Klein came back from the Zurich hackathon, he revisited his work on Sex ratios in Wikidata. In his stats you find the ratio for many Wikipedias but I would like to have "none of the above" included as well.

It may give us an insight which Wikipedias provide us with the most gender information for known humans. When the data is available for May 2013 as well, we may learn from what Wikipedia we gained the most information. The number of links has grown but not by as much as the amount of statements in the same period.

Wikidata currently knows about 2,062,461 "humans" 1,544,137 are male and 277,830 are female. We know that many more humans will be identified and thanks to the gender game you can help reduce the number of humans without gender information.

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