Saturday, June 07, 2014

#Wikidata - Those who died in 2014

Magnus's "No date" game registers dates of birth and death. It shows that we need information for 1,258,038 of the 2,073,886 humans Wikidata knows. It is a challenge however, if Magnus proves anything it is that for a community such challenges can be met.

For the people who died in 2014, 5001 have been registered so far, it is a bit different. When people die, their articles need some attention if only to register their passing. Many of the people had their day of sporting glory a long time ago. Others like the Emir of Kano remained relevant until their end and their passing may influence many more articles.

Quality is often seen as how quickly new information finds its way in.  It is wonderful that Wikidata has the potential to flag the passing of all those known to have died in 2014 to the projects who have an article about them.

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