Friday, June 20, 2014

#Wikidata - Who is Howard N. Potts

Stephanie Kwolek, the inventor of kevlar died. The death of someone notable is often a reason to flesh out the Wikidata item with relevant statements. For Mrs Kwolek none of the awards she received were mentioned.

Once these statements were made for Mrs Kwolek, the available information about those awards was added. The category "National Medal of Technology recipients" contained 125 recipients Wikidata did not know about. The "Lemelson–MIT Prize" was named after Jerome H. Lemelson. Similar information for the "Howard N. Potts Medal" is not available.. Who is Howard N. Potts?

Tools like AutoList2 and Reasonator make it easy to add information and to have the instant gratification of well presented information.

It will be wonderful when WikiData adopts these features in the user interface that is being designed.

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