Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A map of Kibera .. for Kibera

Kibera is a slum of Nairobi. In Kibera live a million people.. It is densely populated, and there is no map; there is no map yet. As there is no map, it is hard to upgrade the conditions. How to plan without a map?

This month, there will be an OpenStreetMap project in Kibera to fix the issue. Twelve Kiberians will be trained in mapping techniques and they will collect the information for a map. A map that will become available to everyone.

In Kenya people speak many languages and it is not unlikely that this map will be more relevant if it is available in for instance Swahili.. Localising OpenStreetMap completely means that 898 messages have to be localised.

It takes a competent translator something like two days of work...
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