Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kwi Kwi

The kwi kwi is an armoured catfish found in Suriname. The fish is eaten and like a chicken on the bone, it is to be eaten with all the senses.

I wanted to write some content about one of the rivers of Suriname because we want to make sure that one of the restorations we work on will come with quite a bit of information.

As I used to have this fish in an aquarium, I could not resist; I found a picture cropped it, uploaded the picture and finally I added it to the article of the genus Hoplosternum. It sounds really simple and easy ... except ...

Except that the picture I cropped from was part of the Category:Francis de Castelnau's expedition a French Wikipedian had uploaded loads of images. He did make it easy on himself and claimed copyright and put it in the public domain. At least I think that this is what he did.

What he did was build a collection that could have been part of a GLAM project. I do think that when we have the improved functionality we talked in Paris about, it should become available to our users for projects like this as well.

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