Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser

Every year, people are reminded that the Wikimedia Foundation is a charity. We need the gifts of our public to ensure the continued existence of the organisation that pays for the many Wiki communities that bring you Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiversity in many languages.

The Foundation pays for the servers, the bandwidth the software development and the outreach that make it the centre of the Wiki movement. When you consider why you should contribute to the Wikimedia Foundation, it is always good to look at what it did for us last year.
  • the Wikipedia traffic has continued to grow with 9% on an annual basis
  • some of the smaller Wikipedias grow annually with more then 100%
  • new languages have been added and they are lively
  • we are experiencing the first benefits of the Usability Initiative
  • the Commons usability project is starting its work in order to realise its potential
There is more, but this is  how I argue the case for you to contribute. Obviously we need your money and we also need you as a friendly contributor writing articles on all kinds of everything. We need you as a friendly administrator helping people get their bearings on your project and become involved.

The Wikimedia Foundation enables its projects to do good and, it needs your appreciation to ensure that we continue to do good in 2010.

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