Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Geograph has a cool million images about the British countryside. Some of them are dull, some of them are not so dull but what do you expect the panorama is not everywhere like this..

All these images are available under a free license and it makes sense for us to have them. These pictures have added value because all of them come with geo tagging. With the integration of the maps of OpenStreetMap, it will be great to integrate our services in there as well and show the beauty of Britain.

We can and we may take all these pictures. The reasons in favour to take them all are really strong; we do not want to make a selection..But even when we can and may take those pictures, it makes sense to reach out to the people at Geograph because together we are likely to do an even greater job.


barryhunter said...

Hi, I am a developer on Geograph - so interested you found our humble project!

By 'we' you mean Wikipedia Commons?

You are of course welcome to bulk access to the data, but we would ask that you don't do this by crawling/scaping etc.

Anyway contact us via the contact form on the site, and can discuss ;)


Also, you've forgotten to credit the above image to Sarah Charlesworth :)

Magnus said...

I will use this opportunity for a shameless plug of my free image search tool:
which does search and can transfer images to Commons with a single click, using the preferred geograph source attribution, coordinates and all.

can transfer individual images.