Thursday, November 19, 2009

#statusnet supports #translatewiki

Making sure that our community knows that we truly value their work is a core value at This means that localisations have to feed back to the respective applications. When this is no longer possible, we prefer to stop the localisation effort for an application and not run the risk that localisation work is lost.

Today Siebrand had to decide to stop the localisation support for StatusNet. There are three show stoppers that prevent the feed back of our localisations.. Brion was informed about this situation and about our lack of developer capacity.

[21:30] siebrand: no worries. we'll start up again next week
[21:33] brion: it may take months. No developers at the moment.
[21:34] pretty sure i'm a developer, so i could take a peek :)
[21:34] but no time today, will look it over next week

What Brion will be looking at is how to provide plural support in Gettext. The good news is that once this issue is dealt with conclusively, any and all gettext application can be supported in a proper way.

When you are involved in language support, when you are interested in working on the cutting edge of internationalisation and localisation in an open source environment, you will find our environment really interesting. We support a bewildering array of languages and orthographies. We need you to improve our environment and our support for a growing number of applications.

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GerardM said...

The first of the three issues has been resolved by Nikerabbit :)