Monday, November 09, 2009

Growing magnificently

The growth of the Sakha Wikipedia is astounding. They are growing at an annual rate of 923% and grew 37% last month. This is an incredible growth and, what I would like to know is how they are doing this. What is their secret sauce.

The growth of their number of articles is good, bot activity is likely at the beginning of the year (growth of 69, 47, 63% of articles) but it is currently at a healthy 4%. The localisation effort is doing great; they have localised 98,9% of the core messages and 81,46% of the Wikimedia used extension messages.

When you look at the recent changes, you will find that there are a number of people who indicate that they do not speak the language but do help a hand. There is a healthy amount of writing being done but it is equally clear that there is room for growth.

My questions are, is this healthy sustainable growth and if so, can this be replicated on other Wikipedias.


Chuekke said...

Thanks for kind inspiring words!

Halan said...

Be kind to tell, whence this picture (screen)?

GerardM said...

The picture is a crp[ of the traffic statistics for the Wikipedias.