Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A storycloth from the #Tropenmuseum

Many museums have magnificent works that are not on display. Some of them are not on display because of logistical reasons. The Tropenmuseum for instance has a story cloth that is at 15 meters just too long to be on permanent display... An additional reason may be that by preserving it in the dark, the colours do not fade.

The picture gives an indication what this story looks like, but too really appreciate it, you want to see the full picture. This is a bit of a problem. The total amount of data is over a gigabyte and, it was photographed in many parts. These parts are now being stitched together by Durova. This is a massive job. The first part is to get the parts lined up properly and, to ensure consistency between all the different parts.

This is an experiment, for both the Tropenmuseum and Durova; when the work is done the unrestored but stitched together file will be too big for Commons. When it is available to the Tropenmuseum, what digital manipulations make sense.. for instance the images at the very left have faded a lot.

Such big files are a bother, manipulating these files, transferring has crashed my puny laptop already twice ...

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