Friday, May 27, 2011

#WMFboard; the "May unpleasantness"

Some people are still upset because Jimmy had the audacity to make a lot of noise against what he calls "porn". They want either a day of reckoning or they want to influence your vote because they are against the board influencing or imposing on the projects.

On Commons this picture was proposed as a featured picture candidate. I voted against it, I made some scathing remarks and I was banned for a day. Getting banned is easy, it takes a hot head and some inflaming language and even I can get banned. The hothead got banned for longer a few days later but that is hardly relevant.

In this May unpleasantness analysis, it is said that I am with Jimmy. I have been told that it means that I will not be elected. This does not trouble me.

When people vote on single issues, then the qualities and the values a person stands for are not considered. Such an approach gets you the wrong person elected particularly when that issue is not the only thing that is relevant.

Do not vote for me when:
  • you want the WMF only to invest in the English Wikipedia
  • you do not want Wikipedias in new languages
  • do not care about historic illustrations
  • you want BLP restrictions to only apply on the English Wikipedia
For those who are single minded about porn; I have provided illustrations showing venereal diseases because they are educational. When you think that this is porn, you are sick.

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