Sunday, May 22, 2011

#WMFboard; revolution or evolution

When #Wikipedia is compared to a ship, it takes time for it to change its course. However, Wikipedia is not like a ship, there are many of them and the Wikipedias have both their own and commons issues.

Just like dogbreeds, no Wikipedia is the same, they have their own characteristics, they have their own issues. As such, both the board and the office have a duty to the critters they care for.

The primary task is to the existing projects, ensuring that they receive the care that allows them to flourish. With the expanding financial and technical potential the Wikimedia Foundation has the potential to take its place as the biggest and baddest champion for multi-linguistic content.

It is this evolution of the WMF as an organisation and its care for its projects that I champion. The continued numeric approach to our current activities, will not have us realise the potential of all our projects. Highlighting what is special, supporting what has potential will give every Wikimedian a project where they feel at home.

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