Sunday, February 05, 2012

#Blogger and #twitter #fail the open #Internet

When I publish on my blog, it is published to an international public. Once I have blogged, a tweet on #Twitter is produced to make more people interested in reading the article. When I tweet, it is intended for a worldwide public.

The moves by Google and Twitter to publish my blog, my tweets in country specific domains upsets me. By publishing it on for instance "" upsets me. It upsets me because it allows for easy censorship of Blogger and Twitter. It will be Google or Twitter who decide what gets published where. Their excuse that the governments of countries ask them to do this, does not impress me much.

I am not amused with the situation. I like Blogger, its functionality is great. However, I categorically deny Google the right to box me in, kettle is now the word that comes to mind. It is not okay to restrict my access to the Internet for what I blog. It is not okay to restrict the access of the readers of blogs what they can read.

We have had our SOPA moment and like with SOPA, this is how the Internet is damaged. As this is not acceptable, I will have to reconsider what to do next. We will have to consider what to do next.
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