Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Google you do not need to guess

#Wikipedia supports more then 280 different projects and each and every one is in one language. In the name of the project you find an indication of what language it is, in the meta-data you find what language it is.

As a consequence it should be obvious that the, the one in the Turkmen language is not written in Turkish. Your software does not need to guess what language it is because we make it plain. It says somewhere in the code:
<div lang="tkdir="ltrclass="mw-content-ltr"><table border="0cellspacing="5cellpadding="0">
In my understanding it means that the content that follows is in the "tk" language. Yes, I will continue to report to you that you reported an incorrect language. The only thing, you do not need to guess what language it is, we do indicate it properly.
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