Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Towards a #Gujarati #Wikisource

In #India, people realise that having a Wikisource is really relevant. Recently we celebrated the start of the Marathi Wikisource and now the spotlight is on the creation of a Gujarati Wikisource.

The Marathi Wikisource is special because the Maharashtra government promised source material to be published on their new project. We can hope that this will set an example for other Indian state governments.

The information needed at the moment of creation is being collected. They already created a logo for the Gujarati Wikisource. They finished the localisation of the compulsory messages in record time and now it is time for the language committee to assess if all the requirements are met.

When the language committee is satisfied, they will ask the Wikimedia Foundation board for permission to create the new project. This formality is typically granted and it is then for the WMF operations people to create a new project. It is at this stage that several configuration options have to be available and it is great that this information is already being collected.

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