Thursday, February 16, 2012

#MediaWiki supports #Dzongkha

The Dzongkha Wikipedia is one of those wikis where I only get to see those nice Unicode blocks. This indicates that I do not have any font at all for the characters of that script. The Jomolhari font will likely improve the experience of the for me and others.

This is what the National Library of Bhutan has to say about this font on their website:
Jomolhari is a Bhutanese style dbu-can OpenType font created by Christopher Fynn. The Dzongkha pages on this website were designed using this font 
The National library warns that it may still be possible that the font does not look properly. This is why we really need to test this font. We want to know if it works properly in what configurations. It is likely that some legacy systems will just not work and we need to know if providing this font works for you.

When you know Dzongkha, help us test the font. When you feel really happy with our efforts, you may even help us and localise the most used MediaWiki messages, the Babel extension for instance needs some work as well..
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