Friday, February 24, 2012

Cleaning up the #MediaWiki namespace

Your #Wikipedia may have many messages that can be safely deleted. Robin created just the tool to inform you what messages can be safely deleted because they are identical to the ones provided to you by MediaWiki.

These are identical messages on the Marathi Wikipedia that can be deleted because they are exactly the same. This is a job that any local admin can perform. It will make sure that when a message is changed, the updated message will become available. There is even a list that can be used to have a bot delete these messages; this may save someone from a lot of boring work.

Really interesting are the custom messages; they are the ones where the local message differs from the message provided by MediaWiki. They come in two flavours:
  • Messages that are correct on any Wiki and should be included at
  • Messages that are specific to this Wiki
When the messages that are correct on any wiki are included at, they will become available within a couple of days thanks to the LocalisationUpdate process. At that time these messages can be safely deleted.

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LOGIC said...

The tool mentioned has restrictions given in the Notes section. To get full list of identical messages, one could use my python script.