Monday, February 06, 2012

My blog is censored at planet #Wikimedia

When I use the #Wikipedia label, an article is deemed to be of interest to the "Planet Wikimedia". I write often about Wikipedia but it is hardly the only thing that is relevant to what is called the planet Wikimedia. Wikipedia is not the only Wikimedia project and it is not the only project that has relevance.

I wrote about Wikisource the other day and it was read by people from the Italian Wikisource community. They did comment on it not being available on the planet.

The issue of access to my blog being limited to Wikipedia has been raised in the past. The suggestion was made that I should use the label "Wikipedia" more liberally. That is something I refused because it destroys the relevance of the label.

Some may consider this not the best way to get things changed. Other ways have been tried. This will however register (again) the reluctance to consider other projects. Projects that are essential to honour the aim of our foundation because not all knowledge is encyclopaedic.
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