Monday, February 20, 2012

International Mother Language Day 2012

#Wikipedia is without a doubt a good example of a multilingual project. On a good day we support 280+ languages. On a sad day there are more then 6000+ languages we do not yet support.

This year a lot has happened at the Wikimedia Foundation to support languages. As we now have a Localisation team, we support quite a few languages with web fonts and input methods. We are improving our translation capability. The internationalisation for our PHP and JavaScript code supports grammatical gender and plural.

Best of all is what we aim to achieve: we make editing MediaWiki as easy as it is to edit in English.

This year we will host an "office hour" at 18:00 UTC on IRC. The subject is very much how we can help you and how you can help us support your language. We welcome any suggestions that improves the use of MediaWiki in your language:

  • web fonts
  • input methods
  • translation
  • localisation
  • support for language rules for your language in MediaWiki
  • transliteration from script to script
  • your language support team
  • your suggestion....

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