Monday, December 20, 2010

Please Danese, help Assamese to get sorted.

On the Assamese #Wikipedia all kinds of things end up in lists. It is because of these lists that things can be found. That is to say, you can find things when the lists are sorted in an intelligible way. The problem for the Assamese is that the collation order we use for their language is "problematic".

It is not only Assamese tea that needs sorting

The sorting order we use for Assamese is the order in which the characters ended up in Unicode. At we are asked what can be done to fix this.

What we can do is make sure that the collation order is available in the CLDR. This is where you find the standard collation order for a language. We do make use of the CLDR standard in MediaWiki and this is one of those things where we can make a big difference. We are quite happy to press people to check their sorting order in the CLDR, we are quite happy to have people wait until the standard gets updated. Quite happy because it allows for a solution.

Please Danese, you went to India to learn about what needs doing.. Assamese is also spoken in India...
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