Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Let's have the best #Wikimedia fundraiser possible VIII

With the #localisation of the two donation extensions in Farsi completed we hit an interesting situation. There are people in Iran who are willing and able to support the aims of the Wikimedia Foundation financially. Let's call them our friends.

Our friends want to help us with our ambition to bring the sum of all knowledge to all the people in the world. Our friends, their family, friends, neighbours live in a country that is not our friend according to some laws and consequently our friends cannot support our effort by donating money.

That is, they cannot donate money by transferring money out of their country. So the challenge is to allow our friends to donate to our cause and make these donations count towards achieving our goal.

The donations do not have to leave Iran. When Wikimedia activities in Iran are supported by these donations, we have a clear winner. The question is, can we arrange something while this fundraiser is still hot?
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