Monday, December 06, 2010

Distributing celebratory #Wikipedia t-shirts

When you organise a party to celebrate Wikipedias 10 year anniversary well in advance, you can apply for enough t-shirts. These t-shirts will be send in batches of 50, they exist in many patterns and, they are nice.

The challenge that I want to raise is in the distribution. The obvious distribution can be covered by the DHL, FEDEX and what have you of this world. The not so obvious distribution is in the sizes of the t-shirts. We do not share the experience with t-shirts with Linux. We have a different problem.

Our problem is in the difference of our communities. The Scandinavians, Germans and Dutch are big while the Indians, the Indonesians and the Albanians are small. So the distribution of the sizes of the t-shirts have to be considered when a box of t-shirts is packed.

There is one thing in this problem that I like; it is not mine. I just want a t-shirt in my XXL size to celebrate :)
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