Monday, December 13, 2010

Implementing the #CC-PD-mark at #glamwiki

In Paris Multichil added the CC-PD-mark to #Commons. He identified over 1 million files as public domain and, he added system messages that enable the localisers at to work their magic.

One of the things achieved by the CC-PD-mark is that the GLAM that has the original of a public domain work is identified. This has the same relevance as associating a source with a fact.

While the CC-PD-mark is based on good-will it does add value as it provides both provenance and good relations with the GLAM world it is the kind of good-will that provides us with a win-win strategy.

Our adoption of the CC-PD-mark is of immense interest to Europeana. With 1,069,565 files labelled in this our is probably the largest collection identified in this way. There will be a substantial overlap with the collections that Europeana represents and this makes Europeana an obvious partner for collaborating on meta data.

Pictures of Calcutta on Europeana
As Europeana is to represent the cultural heritage that can be found in European GLAMs, it is an extremely relevant resource for a world wide public. To make it more accessible, we have offered to localise the Europeana website at As the software is freely licensed, Siebrand and Mulichil did already have a peek at the code ....
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