Sunday, December 05, 2010

What #Orange had to say at #glamwiki

Orange labs presented two projects they did with the Louvre and the Versailles palace. Projects Orange developed in partnership with these two GLAMs.

To be brutally honest, based on the questions, I think the objective of Orange was not understood. Orange is in the business of developing new technology to promote its business. The technology is to develop new applications for mobile telephones and develop an interest among GLAMs.

The question that was asked was: "is this application freely available". It is the wrong question because the it should have been: "is this technology available". The answer we got was that it is not freely available because it was developed in partnership with the Louvre and the palace of Versailles. The answer we were looking for was can we make use of this technology for our own projects.

The answer to the second question is dramatically different because you may only care about the Louvre or Versailles projects when you care about the Louvre or Versailles. Informing us about the lessons learned and enthusing about the possibilities of the newly developed technology is important to Orange. That is what generates new business for them and us.
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