Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#Wikileaks paranoia; Sunnyvale California

After I blogged about Julian Assange and Dick Cheney, my blog has been frequented by someone from Sunnyvale California. I have the impression that all my blog posts have been read over the past few days.

For those who do not follow the news, Halliburton has paid a bribe to keep Mr Cheney out of jail. In the mean time Mr Assange is still in remand for something that is quite dubious.  Mr Cheney's bacon is saved with $500,000,000.-- but as always he must be considered innocent because no judge pronounced him guilty.

With Sunnyvale California dominating the traffic to my blog, I have no information what my readers are interested in. This information is publicly available on my blog. The value for me is in learning what it is people read about.
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