Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Dutch #Wikipedia mills project is complete

The Netherlands, like Spain are well known for their windmills. As we take pride in them, all of them have their own articles and they have all been illustrated with photos as well.

De Lelie - Aalten - Winter - 2009 
De Lelie in Aalten
As all the complete windmills and watermills are done, it is time to reflect. Over the course of three years 1200 mills have been documented, 12 new mills were completed in restorations. The final push was helped by the well known mills photographer Willem Jans who was willing to help out with missing pictures. Willem got the Wiki virus because he also helped with the lighthouse, the watertower and the Wiki loves Monuments project.

Don Quixote 6

It is not that there is nothing left to do; there are always the mills in Belgium and it is rumoured that there are even more mills in the UK and Spain.

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