Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Extradition requests for Julian Assange and Dick Cheney

Again, #WikiLeaks is not to be associated with #Wikipedia. except for having articles on the subject.

Both Mr Assange and Mr Cheney are wanted for criminal activities that are in another country than the one where they reside.  Mr Cheney, the former vice president of the USA, is wanted for corruption in Nigeria. Mr Assange is wanted for exposing his penis while having consensual sex without a condom in Sweden.

It will be no surprise when Mr Cheney will not stand trial. It is no surprise that Mr Assange is having his day in a political court. Such inequality makes it clear why there is a need for WikiLeaks. As big corporations and rich people are found to have enriched themselves by hook or by crook without any comeback the reason for a WikiLeaks is all too obvious.

An extradition of Mr Cheney would help a sense of justice. An extradition of Mr Assange strengthens the sense of injustice and helps build the image of St Julian the martyr. Companies like PayPal and Amazon have proven themselves as national, not global companies resulting in a damaged reputation as a global company.

What we should have is equal justice for all. It is what we are told to expect but it is not what we observe.
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