Friday, January 14, 2011

#Hackaton update

With a room full of hackers, #GLAM, #Wikipedia and #MediaWiki hackers a lot gets done. The best bit is probably the interaction, the demonstrations, the explanations of techniques. It is best because this enables people to do better.
  • Robert finished enabling Europeana in
  • today the Serbian localisation has been done completely !!
  • Robert has started work to get pywikipedia enabled in translatewiki
  • the statistics for our GLAM partners is being looked at
  • a prototype was build for importing images out of a CMS of a GLAM
  • a sentence level editor was demonstrated; the best bit is that usability studies determine its functionality
  • I got one new t-shirt and Siebrand got three
  • a first upload button from Open Images to MediaWiki was hacked together
  • the temperature of the pizza kept the presentations brief - they were good

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