Monday, January 10, 2011

#Anonymous highjacking Januari 15 2011 for #Wikileaks

On the day when #Wikipedia is celebrating its 10th birthday with worldwide parties, Anonymous decides to organise a global protest to support WikiLeaks.

To be polite, this is unfortunate. Wikipedia is not related to WikiLeaks and choosing this day is likely to increase the confusion. Several people have found it necessary to stop their work on the Wikimedia projects because of this confusion.

With Anonymous taking the initiative for a day of protest, this confusion is increased. WikiLeaks has no ties with the Wikimedia Foundation and WikiLeaks has no ties with Anonymous. Both the actions of WikiLeaks and Anonymous are considered controversial by some. When the activities of WikiLeaks and Anonymous are considered together, a negative opinion is more easy even obvious. WikiLeaks on its own provides a service that will lead to new thinking on the need for transparency of companies and government.

Given the sad quality of many "news" organisations, WikiLeaks fills in the need that is the consequence of the lack of honesty and the bigotry in the manipulated news they serve.

I will be celebrating 10 years of Wikipedia.

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