Friday, January 21, 2011

A #Tropenmuseum embarrassment of riches

The Dutch #Wikipedia article about the #Tropenmuseum can do with some sprucing up. Susanne asked me to have a look and I already updated the address, the number of visitors of 2010 in the many Wikipedias that have an article.

What I also want to do is add information about the permanent exhibitions. These make a visit to the Tropenmuseum worthwhile never mind the many extraordinary temporary exhibitions.

The issue I am faced with is that as I was so bold to ask for some illustrations to go with the permanent exhibitions, I was given a DVD with superb illustrations and the Tropenmuseum visitors guide (ISBN 978 90 6832 613 0). That gives me many issues I want to deal with.

NG_Marindkrijger_FOTO_1000 8193.jpg

The issues I am faced with:
  • some pictures are already on Commons but in a lower resolution
  • some of these pictures do not have the right attributions
  • the technical quality of these objects is not always as good
  • there is no meta data with the images I received .. but the book ..
  • many images are of such a quality that they deserve to feature
  • some pictures have a name that is plain weird
W-Schilderij Opera 6215-1.jpg

My plan of action is to do one thing at a time: first start with a short description of the permanent exhibitions and then do what I can and look for help from whoever can give it..
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