Monday, January 03, 2011

Women; YES, they can do it

It is #2011. The #Wikipedia mailing lists features two interesting subjects: "how would you disrupt Wikipedia?" and "zero tolerance for misogyny".

The answer to the first question is what the effect can be of the second subject. In our Wikimedia world there are ladies who have proven themselves; they have the star quality being the leading lights in their endeavours.

Given that misogyny is poisoning the well, it is important to realise how many wonderful women we have in our midst despite this and, we should cherish them. As in any volunteer organisation people come and go. I feel the loss of  Durova as the loss of a friend. Then again I find it easy to come up with so many names of women who make an impact.

So lets disrupt Wikipedia and give room to all the women who are still on the sidelines and will make a difference.
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